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Currently, I work as a language engineer on Amazon Alexa, working on my doctorate in design at North Carolina State University, and am an affiliate researcher with NYU's Machine Learning for Language.  I live within walking distance of the Salish Sea on unceded Duwamish land and am learning the Lutshootseed language to learn the history and culture of this beautiful place where I live.   

As a person with curiosity about almost anything, I've spent my life and career exploring things that fascinated me.  I've worked as a linguistic ethnographer and archivist, a DevOps engineer, user and product researcher, software engineer, and data scientist, often all in the same role. In my spare time, I cook, forage for wild foods, read anything I can get my hands on, and make books. Feel free to reach out and chat. I always enjoy a good conversation or hearing about a potential opportunity or collaboration.

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